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Kanndiss Riley is an energetic and friendly wellbeing practitioner who produces wellbeing services for various abilities. Her training with young people with disabilities made her continue training to specialise in these services. With her neurodiversity results, she feels it's important to share her chronic illness and disability story to empower her clients to find activities that boost positive wellbeing.


PT Level 4, Mental Health First Aid, Life Coaching,



Cancer Care Diaspora

Acting Fit


Margate Movement


P.E Teacher

Running 30-minute sessions for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities over 6 months on Monday, Wednesday and Friday are to enjoy wellbeing activities.

Running activities with children aged 4-14 years old. Teaching them about healthy lifestyles and working with three groups of 30 to teach them 3 different dances.

Running events to bring cross generations together to move and enjoy creative activities during the C19 pandemic.

Teaching in high schools around the southeast, coaching young people with various disabilities and qualifying in wellbeing training.

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