A platform created to have its community returning with a smile time and time again. NBE FITNESS focuses on providing a well-being space for those living with chronic illnesses or disabilities to enjoy mental and physical activities that have them feeling great.

CROWDFUND... achieved so far 6%

To raise £20,000 to provide a mental and physical health platform that brings people together for well-being services.

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Accessbile Wellness

NBE FITNESS is deliberately producing creating an online and in-person presence for Wellbeing services that are accessible for all needs.

Personalized Content

Making sure members can access training content they can personalise to develop on their wellbeing journey.

Community Support

An inclusive community allows all members to come together and learn from one another and external wellbeing practitioners.


Every Donation supports us to help more women and children have access to our wellbeing services - uniquely designed to empower those living with chronic illness or disability, support women with their mental health and create space, most notably to have fun keeping fit.

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