Our members are from a range of intersection of society; parents, carers, people with living with chronic illnesses, disabilities, supporters or allies looking for user-led grassroots community wellbeing space. 

Our members come to NBE FITNESS CIC for support; emotional, cultural, material, practical, and much more – that seeks to alter or alleviate health conditions to live happier gaining whole life skills.

If you are an individual looking for inclusive wellbeing sessions near you, or if you are a part of a user-led group looking for other similar organisations in your area or nationally, get in touch with us at nbefitness@gmail.com.

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Membership benefits

  • Weekly sessions with from live sessions, programme updates and community socials.

  • Support calls and webinar about a range of interesting topics.

  • Access to events, consultancy, and practical resources

  • Feed into community seasonal productions and events.


Just online

Join the NBE FITNESS community on our most flexible membership; pay 50p a session.


Watch all our online sessions included in your membership access to forums, webinars, on-demand programs.

Everybody Welcome to NBE FITNESS CIC.

Ultimate membership

Join an inclusive wellbeing platform and community that enjoy hybrid sessions, joining in activities in-person and online. 

Over 400 hr of sessions are scheduled to come, playback on offer, and know £5 of your member membership goes towards PIT Program.

pay it forward


Join our user-led community. Our Pay It Forward scheme allows members 6 months of access to the platform, online and in-person. 

It is fully funded, so no charge to you for joining, and it is not means-tested. So sign up today and meet our members on the forum or at sessions.



Our platform with a range of accessibility features, on-demand content and a fun activity video library to get started on your wellbeing journey. You can browse our live video sessions and track your progressions on our programmes, or speak to our coach about creating a personalised training plan to reach your goals and enjoy the NBE FITNESS Community. 

LookinG for Personal Training

Book a call today and we will talk through your options.

Want to work with us

Let's schedule time to talk and hear about how we can work toegeher.

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