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Be KIND to your skin

Why I stopped exfoliating every time I saw whiteheads? Acid-based products are a bit daunting for the majority of us. Just the word alone ACID sounds negative and shouldn't be placed on ones already sensitive face. But.. fear not we will go through it together ignore the intrigue no longer.

They Do More Than Exfoliate

Manual exfoliants only affect the skin’s surface, but acids work on reducing the break up of dead skin cells that creates acne. Acid-based products can clean within the pore, as an anti-bacterial effect, boost hydration and improve collagen.

They’re Not All Super Strength

As someone with sensitive skin I am in love with acid products as most beauticians will direct you in the right direction. I currently use a Lactic acid to reduce the residue of dead skins and dirty, it is also used to reverse the appearance of sun damage, stimulate collagen and reduce hyper-pigmentation, but is much milder than other acids as it moisturises the skin while it exfoliates.

Just remember that using an acid-based product can make skin more sensitive to the sun so be sure to pair with an SPF.

They Have Myriad Benefits

Have a look around for the right Acid product for you - klein has a great test to find out what type of products your skin requires. Glycolic are great for exfoliating, while hyaluronic acid my hero freebie to help hydrate my skin – it’s a natural humectant (meaning it attracts and binds moisture) and works to plump up the skin. Paired with my Lactic Acid at night - I wake up to skin prepared for the next day, after lightly using garnier water to remove the ointments from last night to have radiant skin with a natural glow.

They Can Fight Acne

If adult acne is your skincare woe, then make a beeline for products containing salicylic acid, which both treats blemishes and provides anti-inflammatory action. This two-pronged attack makes this acid a must-have when it comes to exfoliating deep within the pore, improving barrier function and stimulating collagen production.

They Can Be Used Every Day

Our skin is designed to shed cells on a daily basis, but we halt this process by applying products and make-up day in, day out. Luckily, using acids every day can mimic this natural process. The more you use an acid, the more exposure your healthy cells will get, ensuring that light is reflected rather than absorbed into the skin for a brighter complexion. If you’ve never used an acid before, start with a mild formula, or build up to daily use.

They’re Not Just For The Face

To treat a blotchy chest, spotty back or pimply arms, extend your acid-based toner, cream or cleanser a few inches south. If you’re using acids on the body, remember to apply SPF to those areas too.

The best acid for...

Dry skin?Without a doubt lactic acid, due to its hydrating properties.

Acne-prone skin?Salicylic acid – as it’s oil-soluble, it gets right to the root of blocked pores.

Ageing skin?Lactic acid, glycolic acid and pyruvic acid are all anti-aging powerhouses.

Dull skin? Lacklustre, tired skin types will benefit from an acid.

Sensitive skin?Lactic acid and surprisingly salicylic acid, which can help reduce inflammation.

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