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Giving Tuesday

Help KRSP_CE x Juweyria Abdullahi provide food packs this Ramadan

This Ramadan I'll be supporting Juweyria Abdullahi, Human Relief Foundation to raise money to provide food packs for our b brothers and sisters around the world.

HRF gives food packs to families  in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Gaza, Palestinian Territories, Ghana, Somalia, Iraq, Syrian Refugees (Jordan and Lebanon), Rohingya Refugees, Sierra Leone, Yemen & most needy people in other countries, In Sha Allah.

One food parcel is £60 - Your donations can be towards sadaqah or zakat to feed families across the world.

We need your help:

  1. Please donate on this page to give our brothers and sister food parcels throughout this blessed month! Imagine being the reason someone has food for iftar/shuoor every single day of Ramadan.

  2. If you're able, contribute to the fundraiser to get these crucial supplies to those in need. We've already raised over £275 to get food packs which will can provide enough to feed an entire family for a whole month!

Please stay safe, take care of yourself, and join our virtual programming to stay connected to the community! Stay well,


No one should go hungry this Ramadan

#CreatingSpace Founder Offees

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