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Gym Buddy in waiting

Incorporate your “workout” into your daily routine.

If you hate going to the gym, don’t go! Instead, add brief exercises into your daily routine.For those living and commuting around busy London walk the escalators and take the stairs if the train station offers that option.


COFFE BREAK: 2 min workout (every time break)

30 sec Twenty push-ups , 10 squats , 10 lunges

Consider a standing desk, or learn how to sit.

This may look strange to your coworkers, but the benefits of a Standing Desk might be worth it. Standing for even just three hours a day can help you lose weight. Pop a prop or box on the floor and when your feet start to get bored of standing up start stepping. If you can’t buy a standing desk (or it feels a little too silly), transfer your laptop/work over to a filing cabinet top, higher table, or your kitchen island, and stand for a few increments every day.

Find a class that feels more like fun than exercise.

There is a wide range of studios that offer trail lessons for you to try out having fun when you were a kid than it does exercise, and I have no doubt there is one out there that’s right for you.

Perfect your posture.

Besides making you look confident, sophisticated, and friendly, having good posture tones your muscles too (including the abdomen for that six pack). Good posture stimulates your muscles, resulting in toning them while also giving your metabolism a boost — and you look great while doing it! .

Get fit through food.

Focusing on adding vegetables and eating healthy are both crucial to your overall BMI and well-being. But there are certain foods to eat that will make you look more toned and help you to build muscle or lose fat. Stubborn belly bloat hides ab muscles. Get a flat stomach by incorporating foods that aid with digestion and reduce bloat like peppermint tea, bananas, cilantro, kefir, ginger, and kiwi. Certain foods like kale, millet, quinoa, cottage cheese, and avocado boost blood flow to your muscles, making them work more efficiently, and therefore, look more fit overtime.

Are you a fellow gym-hater? How do you motivate yourself to work out? Share your secrets in the comments!

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