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I am Bigoted for Barre-ing all

Still contemplating whether you need Barre in your life? Read on for our favourite benefits….

1. It Makes You Seriously Strong

Barre is deceivingly tough! It targets all the major muscle groups in multiple planes, through a variation of big and small moves. Smart modifications and progressions mean the workout will never get easier, so you’re continually challenging yourself. What’s happening behind the scenes is that progression confuses the muscles into working harder so you never plateau.

2. It Has Amazing Metabolic Benefits

Because the work out is so intense, you get into the fat burning zone incredibly quickly and burn a ton of calories during and after the session. It's a great way to stimulate human growth hormone, which has a knock on effect for muscular strength, hormonal health, better sleep, better insulin sensitivity and immunity.

3. It’s Gives You Excellent Posture, But Is Still A Killer Workout

Struggling with bad posture? Or just feeling tightness across your shoulders from hunching over a laptop all day long? Barre is the perfect remedy for this. Why? Because it focuses on strengthening the spine and postural muscles -in Barre, the focus is always on correct alignment of hips, shoulders, spine, shoulders and head. The more you work your body in the correct alignment, the stronger your core and supporting muscles will be at rest.

4. It Improves Your Flexibility

You don’t need to be super flexible to do a Barre class, however it’s certainly one of the benefits you’ll experience after a few sessions. In a Barre class you work different muscle groups in one go, Isometric moves help you to get deep into the smaller muscle groups that can generally get ignored.The result being a full body work out that leaves you aching in all the right places and a much more sculpted muscular look.

5. It’s Great For Mental Agility & Focus

Due the high amount of isometric and integrated movements in Barre, more muscles need to be recruited and neuromuscular connection is increased. This helps the body activate underused muscles and lays down new connections. Barre requires a different level of focus – the deep muscle burn combined with coordination helps agility, concentration and is a major stress release.

6. It’s Incredible For Core Strength

We have the tendency to think that core work is primarily abs, but in reality our core is so much more than that includes muscles that stabilise the back (erector spinae & lats), pelvic floor muscles, glutes and even your diaphragm. The alignment and postures in barre all engage the muscles of the greater core as well as your abdominals, which makes it fantastic for core stability, posture, injury prevention and dare we say it makes you look pretty damn good as well.

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