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I can't do smoothie bowls but you can try?

The flavour possibilities are endless, and the great thing about adding nuts, seeds and toppings is that it will force you to slow down and chew more than you would if you just had a smoothie. This helps digestion, satiety (you'll feel fuller, longer) and is great for portion control.

  1. The smoothie bowl rules are pretty similar to our baseline smoothie guidelines, will help you avoid any hidden baddies:

  2. When choosing your toppings, look for gluten free grains like buckwheat or quinoa.

  3. If you're using a pre-made granola, try to pick a gluten & sugar free one that's packed with fibre. I love Liebes protein buckinola and it's what we use at Energy Kitchen.

  4. Add nuts & seeds for texture, I like to chop them so a little goes a long way.

  5. Always use unsweetened mylks - If you are using nut butter, always choose unsweetened, natural varieties; otherwise just use the nuts themselves.

  6. Always include a handful of greens or veggies of choice like carrots, beetroot or celery.

  7. Choose a plant based protein powder - My favourite is Vega.

  8. Only use fruit for sweetness - if you use ripe fruit or a date, there’s no need to add extra agave, honey or maple syrup.

  9. Follow the guidelines below to start constructing your perfectly balanced, delicious superfood smoothie bowls. Breakfast will never be the same!

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