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Top 5 ways I like to stay fit

News years resolution to be healthier is not just for January. If your new year goal is to no longer squeeze into those favourite jeans but seamlessly step into them with ease. Here are some fun and interesting places to lose inch by inch.

1. Yoga

I'm a yoga everyday kind of person. I started yoga as a way to alleviate pain on my joints,  stretch and use muscles that I stopped using since I stopped dancing.  I find Yoga is very relaxing also after a series of sessions bring out emotions including brings clarity after a session motivating me for the day. I found it difficult to keep up to the same routine when practicing yoga at home furthermore couldn't challenge myself to do various movements. Yoga is great for improving posture and balance through dynamic poses which build up your strength and flexibility.

2. Swimming

Hydro therapy is really good for working the muscles and after a work out in the gym useful for relaxing the body. I enjoy aqua-aerobics and early morning swimming sessions as it a good time for me as someone who is not a strong swimmer to practice my swimming technique.

3. Pilates

A great new hobby of mine with many exercises like those I did in ballet class. I left my first class feeling the burn, the techniques definitely can make you build up a sweat.  The great thing about classes like these is they are usually mainly female participants. You can make friends with people coming to class regularly but for me personally, gain someone who wants to work out in the gym on the apparatus on a regular basis.

4. Lean Stamina

I always start a session at the gym by warming the whole body up with lean stamina tactics. The best way to improve your endurance is to start with 30 minutes of low to moderate intensity exercises such as walking on the treadmill, steps machine, hiking, cycling or swimming. Each week try to increase the amount of time you can exercise for five minutes or increase your distance a little.

5. Tone Cardio

Working out on the mat is my preferred way to tone and work on cardio. This is probably the only part of going to the gym that I don't have to do at the gym. Each circuit I put together focuses on a different set of muscle groups. I try to engage my calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes while increasing mobility in your hip flexors, which helps those lower abs!

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