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"Body confidence comes with time" - this blog is all about fitness and lifestyle.


KANNDISS RILEY WELLBEING: KR WELLBEING was set up to use fitness to help promote healthy wellbeing, with the sole purpose to improve clients mental and physical wellbeing.


1-2-1 PT sessions



Kanndiss Riley (me)

Created the following products:

Bespoke group activities (using dance and yoga)



All those who get involved become part of the global group called #TEAMTHEMOST

#TEAMTHEMOST came about from a phrase attributed to me - that I’m always doing the most for others.

Thus, I know I’m not the only one so I thought I’d call the group of KR WELLBEING followers #TEAMTHEMOST. Their goal as a group is to promote happiness and share their personal growth in a safe space that’ll allow them to feel supported to talk about their mental and physical wellbeing.

This blog goal is to be a tool to talk about healthy body and mindset. Loads of fun as well as thought-provoking blogs each month; be sure to click the social media links so you can keep up to date with conversations.

I am writing this post to introduce you to the topics of my blog. I want to write about fitness and body image because these are two things I am very passionate about.

I was a professional dancer and gymnast for just under two decades. Over the years I learned about fitness, healthy eating, beauty and traveled a lot of places. I have gained a lot of interests from dancing and gymnastics. I started writing a blog as a therapeutic way to deal with my struggles growing up through my teens and to talk about the things I enjoyed.

Now, I want to develop my skills gained from my BA (Hons) in Journalism to continue making content on my main interests of Fitness and Body Image. In my blogs, I will share stories of confronting eating disorders, dealing with bullying and worship.

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