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ActingFit Camp

Facilitating activities for children 4-14 years old over 4 week summer holiday programme. Improving their wellbeing looking at nutrition and physical activities

We ran 8 classes over the 4 weeks teaching children different movements and routines to encourage them to be creative and enjoy physical activity.

We were able to get 3 group of between 10-30 to learn 3 routines each.

Age group 4-6 performed routines such a thriller by Michael Jackson with local dancer Prince of Pop and Several routines to soundtrack of trolls

Age group 7-10 performed routine to Happy by Pharell and showed new dance skills including dancing to Michael Jackson songs and Dance off to range of songs including Good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo

Age 10-14 (included some younger members who enjoyed being part of the older group) performed three dances; First to Shakira Waka Waka, Kiesza Hide away and Raye Decline; they also enjoyed performance time of making up their own tiktoks, and dance off.

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