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    45 minute call with your instructor NBE. We will discuss - who - what - where - when - how Book your call today to find out more about NBE NATION and options of membership from supporter, pay it forward, PT 1:1, sessions and more.


    30 min meeting to discuss working together (1hr max) Service we can provide: Group Classes Workshops/ Event Business Package & more

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    Select a time to speak to the NBE FITNESS TEAM to ask questions, schedule a personal session with the NBE coach, speak to a practitioner, or even just want to a community call we are available to listen to your experience and pastoral care of our members.

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  • I am Bigoted for Barre-ing all

    Still contemplating whether you need Barre in your life? Read on for our favourite benefits…. 1. It Makes You Seriously Strong Barre is deceivingly tough! It targets all the major muscle groups in multiple planes, through a variation of big and small moves. Smart modifications and progressions mean the workout will never get easier, so you’re continually challenging yourself. What’s happening behind the scenes is that progression confuses the muscles into working harder so you never plateau. 2. It Has Amazing Metabolic Benefits Because the work out is so intense, you get into the fat burning zone incredibly quickly and burn a ton of calories during and after the session. It's a great way to stimulate human growth hormone, which has a knock on effect for muscular strength, hormonal health, better sleep, better insulin sensitivity and immunity. 3. It’s Gives You Excellent Posture, But Is Still A Killer Workout Struggling with bad posture? Or just feeling tightness across your shoulders from hunching over a laptop all day long? Barre is the perfect remedy for this. Why? Because it focuses on strengthening the spine and postural muscles -in Barre, the focus is always on correct alignment of hips, shoulders, spine, shoulders and head. The more you work your body in the correct alignment, the stronger your core and supporting muscles will be at rest. 4. It Improves Your Flexibility You don’t need to be super flexible to do a Barre class, however it’s certainly one of the benefits you’ll experience after a few sessions. In a Barre class you work different muscle groups in one go, Isometric moves help you to get deep into the smaller muscle groups that can generally get ignored.The result being a full body work out that leaves you aching in all the right places and a much more sculpted muscular look. 5. It’s Great For Mental Agility & Focus Due the high amount of isometric and integrated movements in Barre, more muscles need to be recruited and neuromuscular connection is increased. This helps the body activate underused muscles and lays down new connections. Barre requires a different level of focus – the deep muscle burn combined with coordination helps agility, concentration and is a major stress release. 6. It’s Incredible For Core Strength We have the tendency to think that core work is primarily abs, but in reality our core is so much more than that includes muscles that stabilise the back (erector spinae & lats), pelvic floor muscles, glutes and even your diaphragm. The alignment and postures in barre all engage the muscles of the greater core as well as your abdominals, which makes it fantastic for core stability, posture, injury prevention and dare we say it makes you look pretty damn good as well.

  • Very high Metabolism and Me

    ...So how can we ensure we’re getting the most out of our workouts and refuelling the way we should? DON’T STARVE YOURSELF: A lot of people think the less you eat, the more you burn right? No necessarily. Muscle is metabolically active (meaning, it burns calories), but in order to do so it needs to be repaired. If you’re looking to build muscle, you’ll need to give them something to repair themselves with, so starving yourself is not the answer. It will also disrupt you insulin, the hormones that regulate your appetite and also your energy, which can set you up for trouble later in the day. EAT MINDFULLY: It’s important to switch out of the exercise = chocolate mind set. Exercises to make up for an indulgence can be a slippery slope, and creates frustration and anxiety in the long run.Something that could take an hour to burn off can (unfortunately!) be consumed in 5 minutes, so it’s important to be mindful of what and how we eat after a training session. Take time to decide what is the best way to refuel, eat moderate portions and as always, chew. Try not to scoff down the first thing you see and consciously decide how you want to refuel. HYDRATE: This makes the above a heck of a lot easier. If you’re dehydrated AND have low blood sugar, it can be a recipe for disaster. Make sure you replace fluids after a training session and if you’ve had an extra sweaty one, throw in some electrolytes or lemon juice to add some vitamins and minerals. Often our brain confuses hunger with dehydration so make sure you’re topped up! COMBINE PROTEIN WITH CARBS: After a sweat session it’s important to replace the glycogen lost during your workout and give the muscles building blocks to repair. The general ratio as a rule of thumb is 4:1 carbs to protein. This is the perfect balance to help your body repair itself from muscle damage and replenish your energy levels. Choose healthy carbs and easily digestible proteins (smoothies are the perfect post workout fuel). MAKE EXERCISE FUN: Research has shown that if you think of exercise as less of a chore and more fun, you’re less likely to want to binge eat post session. We couldn’t agree more! Exercise should feel challenging and hard but also a fun and dynamic workout! Find something you love so that you’re positively motivated to train.

  • who what when where​ how Psychiatrist?

    A healthy gut can be central to your mental health! Have you ever had a "nervous stomach,"? Ever noticed the change in how your whole body feels impacts on your mental health. Studies have found that evidence that your brain is hard wired to send emotive signals between parts of the body such as the gut. Since this is considered a two-way form of communication, a disruption in your gut can affect the health of your brain, and a disruption in your brain health can hurt your gut. How your gut health rules your mental health—and vice versa. Your gastrointestinal system has naturally occurring bacteria, called gut flora or microbiota, that help regulate your internal systems. At first this may seem confusing since we typically associate bacteria with germs, infections, and sickness; however, we now know that while certain strains of bacteria in your body can be harmful, the "good" bacteria peacefully coexist with your body’s immune system in a symbiotic relationship and ultimately help you. For example, this gut flora can help with the metabolism of your dietary fats, proteins, and certain vitamins. It can also help your body break down certain medications, provide a layer of defense against infection, and help your immune system function optimally by actually protecting you against those harmful strains of bacteria. For these reasons, it's crucially important that we protect our gut function for optimal physical and mental health. Unfortunately, various conditions can actually harm these important bacteria. Some of these conditions are physical stressors—such as a course of antibiotics or an inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s—but others have more to do with your brain and mental health. For example, depression, anxiety, and various other mental health issues are associated with chronic bodily stress and inflammation. And this stress and inflammation create a poor environment for that gut microbiota, which can affect their survival. Why I recommend probiotics to so many of my patients. Based on several new studies that have started to emerge, I often recommend a probiotic to my patients. Probiotics are anti-inflammatory bacteria that naturally reside in your gut, but they can also be found in local drugstores as a supplement. A probiotic could help to support the growth and balance of the good bacteria against the unhealthy strains of bacteria in your gut. Studies have examined probiotics in mental health, and the initial results look highly promising. Probiotics were found to have some helpful benefits in depressed and anxious patients. And diets geared toward supporting the growth of this good bacteria were found to improve cognitive, emotional, physical, and digestive well-being. Further, when comparing probiotics to mental health medications, probiotics do not carry the same potential risks and side effects. As they are studied further—and as we understand more about the roles of good gut bacteria in depression—probiotics will likely become a more standard recommendation of all mental health professionals. There are several other ways that you can protect your gut and thus protect your mental health as well. Good self-care, hydration, and getting adequate sleep are crucial. Avoid processed foods, and eat foods such as kimchi and kefir, which are also protective for these good strains of bacteria. So, remember this gut-brain connection, and that taking care of your mental health is key to your overall health and happiness. Just a note: this article should not be taken as medical advice and for any specific medical questions, your personal physician should be consulted!

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    NBE FITNESS inclusive wellbeing sessions ABOUT NBE FITNESS FAQ Are you looking for simple, easy to access, flexible wellbeing services? Meet the nbe fitness community. HYBRID SESSIONS Monday and Wednesday 30 minutes 6 - 6:30 PM GMT 7 - 7:30 PM GMT ABOUT THE SESSIONS SEE OUR SESSION NBE FITNESS Built an accessible and inclusive wellbeing platform for enjoyment. Helping carers, parents, people living with chronic illnesses and disabilities to access affordable mental and physical wellbeing sessions. ​ A community interest company putting its users needs at the centre of what it provides. ABOUT NBE FITNESS OUR SERVICES MEMBERSHIPS Mental and Physical wellbeing platform providing holistic sessions, programmes and events to bring our community together for inclusive activities. ​ Enjoy 6 hrs of sessions each week, a video library of content and access to wellbeing experts. Read More SESSIONS We have a range of group sessions on offer, including 30 min sessions, programmes, webinars, events and more. Join online, in-studio or from a remote location. View the full timetable and book sessions. Read More PAY IT FORWARD A programme for people looking for accessible sessions. These could be on universal credit, pensioners etc. It's not means-tested to be able to gain; we want to provide space. Read More ARRANGE A CALL We want to get to know you. So why not arrange a call to find out how we can help you reach your goals and what to experience from being at NBE FITNESS. Simply fill in your details on the contact form, and we’ll be in touch shortly. CLICK HERE TESTIMONIALS PAY IT FORWARD MEMBER The energy is what is so enticing. Then you attend a session, and it's the real deal. It's personal; it's caring and safe! I know I'll see results.


    BOOK ONTO A SESSION JOIN IN our sessions We have a range of group sessions; become a member and get access to playback and video library for all our sessions £2 a week. TRY NOW TOP SESSIONS: 30 min sessions: Stretch with NBE, HIIT, Dancefit Webinars: Community Townhall, Mindfulness, NBE TALKS Programmes: Reduce sugar, Journaling, Meditation for Beginners We offer support in our online and in-person sessions from qualified trainers, BSL, Captions, play area for children and happy to have pre session consultations. Complimentary sessions Click here try us out Arrange a call We'd love to get to know you? Book onto an event Join us for a specific event Become a Member Access our space OUR STUDIO Our brand-new studios have been selected to cater to the diverse needs of disabilities and chronic illnesses. A multipurpose space featuring industry-standard Harlequin sprung flooring, wheelchair access, play area/ child safety, disability toilets, sound system and more. FIND STUDIO BOOK VIRTUAL TOUR Key Workers, Carers, NHS employees can donate to pay what they can on all sessions or become a Pay It Forward member enjoy access to our platform for no fee for 6 months at a time. Book onto session Become PIT Memeber Make a Donation OUR TIME TABLE Get started with enjoying our space by looking at all our services. We've developed our content to meet the different needs of everyone.