The platform built for enjoyment


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It’s about a holistic

well-being, guided coaching and group sessions.

All ages have fun, try new activities, food, and art and improving mental health.



We have a diverse community.


  • We offer BSL, captions, 1:1 with practitioners and are happy to make other arrangements for our members. 

  • Our studio has ramp access, a play area for children, a cafe, and free parking. 


We offer sessions online and

in-person to ensure accessibility. 

  • Bi-Weekly Video Content

  • Art Sessions

  • Community socials 

  • Outdoor events

It matters to us that we run sessions that help people access wellbeing services and improve their lives.

  • We are happy to run specific events for organisations

  • We are happy to run 1:1 wellbeing sessions

  • We do not accept any discrimination during our sessions or on our platform


Our Story

Our founder Kanndiss Riley, also known as NBE, Notorious Big Energy, wanted to create a space for people to come together and enjoy holistic wellbeing on an accessible platform. So she drew on her knowledge as a carer, disabled person, training in wellbeing, chair fitness, and dance skills to build NBE FITNESS CIC


The name came about from people describing her larger-than-life persona and positive energy. Her Notorious stance on accessibility and inclusion also made the name fitting.

During the Covid period, NBE FITNESS CIC birthed it's community, successfully running 300 free sessions for people over 50 and/or coming from a range of intersections. 


Want to Join team

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NBE FITNESS CIC to be a trustworthy brand that will pay attention to each client individually. It will focus on listening to its community and not focusing on social content as much is irrelevant to customers.


To create an accessible wellbeing platform making it easy and fun to look after your health.


To create safe spaces for mental and physical wellbeing practice. Promoting positive 

imagery and information on living an inclusive, healthy life.


To become an industry leader in providing inclusive whole life wellbeing sessions. To have a progressive approach to education and adaptability.