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No question is too small or silly, don't see an answer to your question below, book a call or send us an email.
  • NBE Studio Times
    Spring Break 3rd - 16th April Summer Break 28th August - 1st September Autumn Break 4th - 15th September Winter Break 17th Dec - 12th Jan
  • What kind of business is this?
    We are a CIC (Community Interest Company) providing services for those who usually can't access inclusive well-being services for various reasons. We have a membership service to fund our youth work and PIT programme (Pay It Forward program runs for 2 months giving those from multiple backgrounds to access free well-being activities). Any profits we gain will go into youth work and future programmes.
  • Why do I need to sign up?
    By signing up, you can also ask NBE questions ahead of the session, request referrals to other services, stay motivated on your well-being journey, and become a part of our Global NBE NATION community. Also, you will receive reminders ahead of sessions, access additional content, and have a say at our community socials on what happens with NBE in the future.
  • What sessions do NBE provide?
    Outdoor: Trek n Talks: Social and Fresh air therapy - heart and mind Summer BBQ: Social and Fresh air therapy - heart and mind Outdoor Dances: Rhythm and Movement session - lung health Box on the Beach: Shadow Boxing session - mind and balance In-studio and Live-streamed (Zoom): Club Lift: Our adaptable weight lighting session - muscle health Dance: Rhythm and Movement session - lung health Box: Shadow Boxing session - mind and balance Yoga inspired Movement: Meditation and Breath work session - mind and balance Joy pump: Our adaptable interval movement session - heart health Chair dance: Adapted Movement session - strength and stamina Buggy and Sling: Our adaptable interval movement session - whole body mainly core strength, mind and balance. Boogie Bounce: Rhythm and Movement session - for children 2 years up Day Retreats: Exercise, art activity, social and food PT sessions: minimum of 30 minutes of 1:1 activity Private Group Sessions: minimum of 45 minutes of activity with community group, at event, in an office etc.
  • What can you bring in expertise and in mental health?
    NBE FITNESS team are qualified well-being instructors. We will be running bi-weekly events to talk about wellness, webinars to educate and discuss health, i.e. living with bi-polar and mental health in the long term, a discussion about eating disorders, running programmes for a range of health conditions, i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure to promote better health. NBE FITNESS will provide access to various practitioners, from psychologists to gynaecologists, to offer our members, someone to speak to.
  • How do you work with people?
    NBE works with various disabilities, chronic illnesses, and SEN participants. We have a list of practitioners who can support our sessions if we need bsl, a client needs help, or support members attend via an online stream. We have 1:1 sessions and offer consultation opportunities throughout their journey with NBE FITNESS so they can ask us questions before joining, set up personalised programmes or to feedback on any further adjustments for our group sessions. It is a priority for our business members can speak to us to inform us of blind sights or improvements in our work.
  • Why are you in the business?
    NBE FITNESS was established to create a whole life service provision platform; to provide consistent and reliable space for those seeking an inclusive space. Our CEO, Kanndiss Riley, found rarely any Black women leaders in Wellbeing space being platformed as industry leaders. When she ran her sessions in gyms or went to wellbeing expos, there were clear intersections of society not in these spaces platformed as experts, top brands or leaders. So NBE FITNESS was created to start a wave of providing intentional wellbeing space that develops around the needs of those marginalised groups to gain investments and recognition.
  • Who are your providing services for?
    We are running programmes for a range of people in society: Those living with chronic illnesses and disabilities Those who identify as part of Global Majority community Women, Carers, Individuals who want accessible on demand wellbeing services Young people who seeks activities outside of school/work.
  • What are NBE FITNESS experiences and qualifications?
    Our team are trained wellbeing practicioners: Our CEO Kanndiss Riley is a trained dancer, teacher, Mental Health First aider and coach. Our facilitators are trained teachers and Personal Trainers We collaborate with people who are DBS checked, First Aiders and Mental Health trainers.
  • Is NBE FITNESS Free?
    As a CIC, we offer PIT Program (Pay IT Forward). This allows people to join NBE FITNESS on 2-month rolling membership to gain well-being services. This is a funded programme to support social prescription, essential workers and any person to attend for free. Head to NBE FITNESS is a business; none of our staff works for free, and we pay our volunteer's expenses as we appreciate people's time, knowledge/expertise and services that should be paid for. However, we must deliver our team's services as an organisation providing space for marginalised groups, GM (Global Majority) people and having an intersectional brand.
  • How much do NBE Activities cost?
    We offer a variety of access points: Pay it forward Free for 2 Months Pay what you can Head to the session link below > Select sessions you'd like to attend > In the ticketing area, select > community > then type the amount you wish to pay Pay Monthly see all options here Session Pass Access 2 months Group sessions book us to come to an event, collaborate or private session PT (Personal Training) Need help making the right decision, book a call head to contact us.
  • I feel too tired to exercise.
    You might feel like: - Not enough time - Not sure if you should because of health - Feel unmotivated Join us for social and adaptable sessions, from the comfort of home, at your own pace and your way. Start with a drop-in or buy a block of 8 sessions and gradually build up over time.
  • What happens after I book?
    If it's a block, you will receive a pack with information on how to book your eight sessions and a link to the PAR-Q form. If it's a single session, you will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email with a link to the PAR-Q form All booking types receive two email reminders to attend a session. The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) is a standard method of uncovering health and lifestyle issues before an exercise programme starts.
    Session Pass costs £50 for 2 months pass. If you'd like another options please email
    All equipment will be provided for you. As long as you bring yourself, your trainers, comfortable clothing and a bottle of water you’ll be good to go!
    Expect a warm welcome from your instructor when you arrive and the opportunity to discuss any worries before you start the sessions to settle any nerves. You’ll then be guided through exercise, with an interval in between to grab a drink. Towards the end of the session, you’ll be guided through a warm down and enjoy a minute of mindfulness, allowing you to unwind and take five minutes just for you. Before you leave, you can chat about the sessions with others and talk to NBE about how you found them.
    Sessions are a great way to get moving, support your well-being journey and energy levels, and provide space to have fun! They will give you the confidence to try new moves, understand different well-being options, and make new friends. Once you join the community, you can access our online programmes, forums, and video libraries
    Once you've paid for the session, you can defer at any time up until 48 hours before the sessions. 24hrs before or on the day of the booking, unfortunately, you can not get a refund or defer your session. You will need to book again.
    All sessions use aerobic curve building up from warm up to warm down. What is excellent about our session? You can do it from seated and self-regulate; no pain here. We promote adaptation. DANCE Dance is all about moving to the beat of our fab playlist. We have some easy-to-follow routines to try, but as long as you're driving, the proper steps don't matter. BOX This non-contact, boxing-style block packs a punch! You won't need to be a pro boxer to benefit from the knockout toning to your legs, arms, chest, shoulders and back. This is done to Bashman and Soca tunes. CLUB LIFT Is strength (arms, legs and abdominal) movements to the great house and garage music JOY PUMP Build motor skills and reduce chances of heart diseases as you move to 90s funk and soul in a HIIT/aerobic (hiit cycle means you move rest aerobic is a curve of gradually getting faster then slowing down) CHAIR PUMP You'll learn a series of repeated exercise moves and alternate between them (so no getting bored!). Take each short burst of activity at your own pace. Suitable for Every BODY YOGA INSPIRED STRETCH Don't know your cat-cow from your downward dog? Don't worry! Our yoga session focuses just as much on relaxation and meditation as it doeson improvinge strength, posture and flexibility.
    Always happy at end of sessions to hear from you take one of our cards and envelopes. You can always head to Also happy for you to leave a review via link below:
    If you are Pre & Post Natal, have Arthritis, High blood pressure, Fatigue, SEN or are Disabled. You can join our sessions, and NBE will provide adaptations. Our sessions are designed for enjoyment, not pain. Treat everyone with respect PERIOD! Respect at NBE FITNESS is not personalised. It is community centred. We have a zero-tolerance for any form of discrimination. Forms include but are not limited to violence, threats, abusive language, hatred, ableism, xenophobia, bigotry, misogyny, racism, religious hate, gendered hate, lgbtqiphobia, predatory behaviour, i.e. stalking, invading privacy, revealing personal information.
    All session types outdoors, indoors and in studio / live-streamed via Zoom. Head to
    Welcome, from NBE. In-studio participants can use name tags to add names & pronouns. 30 mins of activity 30 mins of social after You can grab a drink and relax in the waiting area throughout the session.
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