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Frequently asked questions

What kind of business is this?

We are a CIC (Community Interest Company) providing services for those who usually can't access inclusive wellbeing services for a range of reasons. We have a membership services so that we can fund our youth work and PIT programme (Pay It Forward program runs for 6 months giving those from a range of backgrounds access to free wellbeing services). Any profits we gain will go into youth work and future programmes.

Who are your providing services for?

We are running programmes for a range of people in society:

  1. Those living with chronic illnesses and disabilities
  2. Those who identify as part of Global Majority community
  3. Women, Carers, Individuals who want accessible on demand wellbeing services
  4. Young people who seeks activities outside of school.

What are NBE FITNESS experiences and qualifications?

Our team are trained wellbeing practicioners:

  1. Our CEO Kanndiss Riley is a trained dancer, teacher, Mental Health First aider and coach.
  2. Our facilitators are trained teachers and Personal Trainers
  3. We collaborate with people who are DBS checked, First Aiders and Mental Health trainers.

Why are you in the business?

NBE FITNESS was establised to create a whole life service provision platform; to provide consistant and reliable space for those looking for an inclusive space. Our CEO Kanndiss Riley found there were rarely any Black women leaders in Wellbeing space being plaftormed as industry leaders, and when she ran her sessions in gyms or went to wellbeing expos there were clear intersections of society not in these spaces platformed as experts, top brands or leaders. NBE FITNESS was created to start a wave of providing intentional wellbeing space that developes around the needs of those marginalised groups to gain investments and recognition.

What can you bring in expertise and in mental health?

NBE FITNESS team are qualified wellbeing instructors we will be running bi weekly events to talk about wellness, webinars to educate and discuss health i.e living with bi-polar, mental health in the long term a discussion about eating disorders, running programmes for a range of health conditions i.e diabetes, high blood pressure to promote better health. NBE FITNESS will provide access to a range of practicioners from psychologist to gynaecologistsgnaeologists to offer our members someone to speak to.


As a CIC we offer PIT Program (Pay IT Forward) this allows people to join NBE FITNESS on 6 month rolling membership to gain wellbeing services. This is a funded programme in order to allow people to attend for free. NBE FITNESS is a business; none of our staff work for free and we pay our volunteers expenses as we appreciate people times, knoweldge/experties and services should be paid for. As an organisation providing space for GM (Global Majority) people and having an intersectional brand we must pay our teams services.

How do you work with disable people?

NBE works with a range of disabilities, we have a list of practitioners who can support our sessions if we need bsl, a client needs help or support members attending via online stream. We have 1:1 sessions, offer consulations opportunies through out their journey with NBE FITNESS in order for them to ask us questions before joining, set up a personalised programmes or to feedback any further adjustments for our group sessions. It is a priority for our business members can speak to us to inform us of blind sights or improvements on our work.

What sessions we provide?

Sessions we run currently are chair 30 mins, stretch sessions, HIIT. Now we have our studio at Smith Court Hotel we can offer community socials,acitivties with local practitioner in dance to mindfulness to aid in reducing stress.