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NBE WitH you

Creating space for enjoyment with you

Hire us to run a tailored group activity experience. Our coach is here to support your well-being. 


How we can help you?

Whether you are looking to look after your team's wellbeing, run a community group seeking fun activities, or friends seeking a new experience & think a box session could be fun, we got you!


Our coach will look after participants' holistic well-being during our group sessions and provide a fun music playlist, accessible studio, and equipment. You may even want to focus on a specific goal, such as getting more active – it’s totally up to you; we got a session that fits!

How to book us

Book a call with us, after the call we will send over a pack; once you have decided to purchase one of our group options, we will send assets, including confirmation of date, time, and par-q form.


Pricing for sessions is dependent on the session you request groups 4+, prices start at £160


*flexible option available for individuals or organisations with under £50k turnover a year