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Bunker of Zion by John Pfumojena

Music has been banned by the authorities. Dancing, singing and harmonies are forbidden. But in the Bunker of Zion there is colour and joy.

Can this celebration of culture, community and difference shatter the outside dystopia?

Traditional Zimbabwean Mbira and Marimba instruments will create joyful, bouncing rhythms and powerful songs. There is a fusion of traditional gumboot and modern Zimbabwean breakdance. New stories are being created from shared memories, handed down through generations.

Immerse yourself in the Bunker of Zion - a safe space full of hopeful revolution.

Bunker of Zion premieres at The Old Courts in Wigan, followed by a UK tour to the partnering venues in eight locations.

The Artists:

Lead Artist - John Pfumojena

John is a Mbira and Marimba musician, actor and composer. His practice is concerned with exploring the ancient art of Mbira music for contemporary audiences, storytelling, and collaboration. He has composed a range of music for multi-award-winning plays including The Jungle at Good Chance Theatre, Doctor Faustus and Volpone for Tangle Theatre Company.

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