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Creative Corner Workshops

The main objective of the ‘Creative Corner’ project is to bring together older isolated people to creative workshops.

Creative Corner @ KCV 2022
Creative workshops where they can make friends, explore the arts, create something fun, and hear more about services in the community that support independent living. The culmination of our project will be an exhibition in October 2022, to share the creations of those older people with the wider public.

What is the Creative Corner @ KCV 2022
In 2021 Kent Coast Volunteering, with their Good Neighbours Service, ran a very successful project in which we published an anthology of work from many of our older members, exploring their feelings during lockdown. The finished book can be found on our website:

We now want to build on the impact and success of ‘Anthology’, with our new project: ‘Creative Corner’, which aims to illustrate how people can connect with and be a part of the community where they live, helping to overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Participants will be drawn from beneficiaries of KCV’s Good Neighbours Service, and the general public, with photographic and video contributions uploaded onto a bespoke corner of KCV’s website. We hope to provide inspirational and motivational encouragement for everyone to revisit old interests or develop new ones, whether they attend a workshop or create something from home.

What the NBE FITNESS team are offered:
Creative Workshops in Dover
Part of gallery of photos and videos on KCV’s Website
Participants in exhibition

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